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Why Choose Us?

Over 30 years experience in Autobody & Collision repair
for cars, trucks, and RV

Exceptional Work at an incredible value

We fight for you, not your insurance

Proven and consistent results

Naveen Naidoo

What a wonderful experience. They take your car, fix it, and are super nice to you the whole way. I paid 3/5 what I would have paid at a "name brand" place, without any hassle. The quality is perfect. Thank you all so much!


Image by Reza Rostampisheh


Welcome to Alliance Coachworks, your one-stop solution for specialized RV repair and restoration services. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of services to bring your recreational vehicle back to its prime condition.


  • Collision Restoration and Repair

  • Pop Out/Slide Out Repair

  • Dent Removal

  • Custom Color Matching and Paint Protection Film

  • Paint Restoration

  • Fiberglass Front and Rear Cap Replacements

  • Hail Damage

  • Filon Sidewall Repair/Replacements and Aluminum Skin

  • Weather-Strip Replacement

At Alliance Coachworks, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service, ensuring your RV is not just repaired, but restored to a state that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to experience unparalleled RV repair and restoration services!


Our  body shop is staffed by professional auto body repair specialists, auto body painters, as well as highly trained collision repair estimators. Together, we work as a team to accurately assess vehicle damage and coordinate repairs necessary to get you back on the road safely. Our auto body repair estimation process helps identify visual and hidden damage caused by an auto accident or related incident.
This attention to detail during the repair estimation process ensures that we detect everything necessary to bring your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.

We have been expertly serving the auto body needs of the  Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) area for nearly a decade!

Collision REPAIR

Had an accident? In need of Auto Body work or Collision Repair? At Alliance Coachworks, we use only the best paints and paint matching systems available.

Spies Hecker has been a trusted name in Automotive Paint products and technology for over a century. In the collision repair industry, we work exclusively with Spies Hecker paints and refinishing products as part of our repair and automotive restoration process. It’s an old brand, with a history dating back more than 130 years. To put that into perspective, they were providing paint products when horse drawn carriages were a common sight in the streets of Downtown Fort Worth and Dallas. 

So why Spies Hecker? Simply stated, their product works extremely well for our clients! Spies Hecker invests millions of dollars each year in extensive Research and Development into their paints and tooling.  Their products are on the cutting edge when it comes to Automotive Paint Repair, Paint Matching, Collision Repair, and more. The money they invest in their products makes our lives easier as well as we are able to match and apply an extremely resilient paint to your car that will not only stand up to the elements, but also look great for years to come. 



Frame Repair

While some damage to your car or truck only occurs to the body of the vehicle, like hail damage for example, sometimes the damage is more extensive. If the uni-frame of the car is in need of repair, then frame straightening is necessary to get your car or truck back in working order. This is called Frame Repair.
This kind of damage happens frequently in accidents, so frame machines are an important piece of equipment in body shops. Our auto body frame machine is used to restore the frame to its original shape using hydraulics and torque that humans simply can’t do. These machines allow us to pull or push the frame to straighten it back to its original shape, depending on the amount of damage and the type of frame.


Hail storms can be devastating and may cause serious damage to your vehicle. Luckily we’re here to help with all your Hail Damage Repair, Auto Body Repair, and Collision Repair needs! There are several ways to repair a hail damaged vehicle, and some of these methods do not require paint. Whether you have a single dent or hundreds, give us a call or stop by our auto body shop and we’ll set up an appointment to evaluate and provide an estimate to repair your vehicle’s hail damage.
At Auto Tech Services Collision Repair, we utilize the ease of paintless dent repair (PDR). The process uses unique tools to remove the hail dents by gradually working the shape back into the body panel leaving the original paint untouched.



(817) 897-2901

10027 Harmon Rd Ste 101, Fort Worth, TX 76177


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 2pm​


Sunday: Closed



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